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Pain in upper body - At times BP Optimizer Review  one of the heart attack warning signs is pain in the jaw, neck, back, or one or both arms. Once again, if this happens suddenly and for no apparent reason, and last more than a few minutes, be safe and make a visit to the emergency room. Other Symptoms - Although men can have them too, women very often have symptoms of dizziness, nausea and a sudden breaking out in a cold sweat. This should be watched very closely if it occurs.

People who have never had a heart problem are never sure what to do, or if their symptoms are truly heart attack symptoms. Just remember delaying a call 911 or heading straight to the hospital could be the difference in a complete recover, or death. Emergency room personnel have drugs to open clots, and other treatments to open your arteries that can stop a heart attack. For the best results of a complete recovery, you need to reach the hospital for the treatments as soon after the heart attack warning signs begin as possible.

People of any age can have a heart attack, though it is rare in the younger population. The risks for heart trouble climbs after age 45 in men and 55 in women. The average heart attack age in men is 66 and in women 70. If you are in this age range you are at a higher risk for a heart attack, especially if you have a life style that includes smoking, or you are excessively overweight. It may be a good idea to have a game plan in case of a heart attack. Having an available list of what to do would be a good idea. Calling 911, or someone to take you to the hospital should be at the top of that list.

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