How Can I Do AIM Mail Settings?
AIM Mail is the service based upon the web and it is given by AOL. AIM Mail Settings should be properly configured in order to the transformation of any mails or messages. To use the AIM mail account, you need IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) server settings. For receiving the mail without any hindrance, the IMAP server settings should be properly configured. On the other hand for sending the mail, the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) should be formatted correctly. However, the AIM mail settings are easy to be done but it requires a few times to process the operation. You can perform Mail settings by applying the required procedure. But it can be seen that the users cannot do AIM Mail settings by themselves. In such a scenario, you can call directly to our support number without going anywhere else. You will get the answer of all your queries in a short span of time.  

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