Coinbase has hired the team behind BRD crypto wallet.
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While crypto proponents look for a new generation of users, one big consumer onramps is a host of consumer wallet apps with slick interfaces.Today, Coinbase announced that it is leading a team from BRD, a crypto wallet startup that launched its first mobile wallet in 2014. As the team is transitioning to Coinbase, BRD's co-founder says nothing will change for the cryptocurrency. Use BRD now and their wallet will continue to function normally. and that user "Money is safe"

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Getting started with wallets as a first player In the mobile crypto wallet space that started as a place for users to store bitcoin but has grown to support a broad token network and the ability to buy, sell and trade. cryptocurrencies in cooperation with the exchange The startup claims to have over 10 million users.

The team brings deep expertise in self care for crypto wallets. This will enable Wallet to provide more people with secure access to a decentralized world of crypto,” a tweet from the Coinbase Wallet Twitter account reads.BRD raises huge amount of venture capital. The bank has nearly $55 million in funding from companies such as SBI Crypto Investment and East Ventures.

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