ADHD Natural Treatment - Acupressure
That is a matter of taking responsibility Brain C-13 Review  for the appropriate choices in our lives. When we fail to realize this responsibility or make the right choices, pathologies and the possibility of harming others is increased. Clinicians should recognize this. As we seek to transform others into a happier person and one who is more congruent with the ideals of love and compassion, we need to realize that the great powers that we trigger also have great responsibilities.

Those who have always believed in Western medicine's ability to cure illnesses and disorders will probably scoff at the idea of using flower extracts to cure a neurological condition like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. But to the families and children who have tried it, Bach Flower Therapy is no laughing matter. Together with a holistic treatment program, this natural remedy has been able to manage hyperactivity and inattention where stimulant medication has failed.

Bach Flower Therapy was formulated in the late 1800s by a British physician named Dr. Edward Bach. Unlike doctors of his time, who attributed diseases to pathogens, bacteria, or genetics, Dr. Bach saw illnesses as the physical manifestations of sadness, anger, fear, and other negative emotions. This does not mean that the common cold is caused purely by our feelings; for chronic psychological conditions like ADHD, emotions do play a significant role in their persistence or their disappearance. And in some way, our emotions and psychological well-being also affect how well we can recover from biological diseases.

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