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https://www.worldhealthpedia.com/les-vitalities-cream/ - tkvzciqs - 2020-03-21

Les Vitalities Cream After a couple of minutes, rinse the scrub with cool water. You can independently prepare a mild anti-aging peeling . After it, the skin will whiten, it will appearance fresh and youthful. First you want to squeeze the juice from the cucumber, then upload it to the flour and blend with salt. In the ensuing mixture you need to feature some drops of your favorite vital oil (citrus and flower are right). With the scrub received, rubdown your face skin for 2 minutes, then lie down and enjoy the relaxation, the scrub at the face paperwork a masks. After 10-12 minutes, rinse with warm or cool water. If you want to tone the skin, supply it elasticity and smoothness, prepare a tonic peeling. The principal aspect of such cosmetics is espresso. Mix in same elements floor coffee beans and chopped rice to flour. If your skin is of oily or combined type, upload multiple tablespoons of yogurt to the aggregate. For everyday to dry skin, upload some milk or bitter cream. After massaging the skin with the organized scrub for two minutes, go away the peeling on the face for 5-10 mins - the skin might be saturated with vitamins. Then rinse with heat (no longer hot!) Water. The lips have a totally sensitive floor, so in bloodless, warmth or wind regularly suffer from a lack of moisture. Peeling, cracks appear and even a sturdy inflammatory technique can broaden. To guard your lips and provide them with a super appearance, follow some rules for being concerned for them. Rub a slice of inexperienced apple. Take a teaspoon of the mass and blend with 1 tsp. Butter. Apply on lips and hold for 15 mins. You can replace the apple with other culmination or veggies. Lubricate your lips daily with hygienic lipstick. From people treatments - honey. You can make homemade balm. To do this, heat honey in a water bathtub until the crystals dissolve, cool. Mix with petroleum jelly in a 2: 1 ratio and moisturize your lips. You can store this balm for 5-7 days in a fab area. 4 Soften dry lips with masks. Mix 1 tsp.