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xlovecam.com - Aldo - 2009-05-02

My first post here...it's in English because i don't speak Czech.

So what do you think about this site?From my experience,it is a good site if you speak a little French.

xlovecam.com - Kiss_inka - 2009-06-19

i have this chat only for a while.. !but! if u dont speak French it is only a little chance to be good here I think Sad
It is payed in EU so it is nice , but i had only few pvts ...other girls says that u have to work only there and keep attention for members but I dont know i didnt have good money here last month Sad

xlovecam.com - Sandrita - 2010-03-09


xlovecam.com - Sandrita - 2010-05-03