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The Fitness Supplement Men Did you know- As one of the main nations in the sport of football, Brazil has had several coaches on the earth: Carlos Parreira (South Africa), Alexander Guimaraes (Costa Rica), Arthur Antunes Coimbra (Japan), Marcos Paqueta (Saudi Arabia), and Waldyr Pereira (Peru). El Salvador on the other hand eradicated the groups of Guyana and that of the Netherland Antilles. Of the 32 groups, 30 coaches have really performed skilled soccer of their day. For political and economical causes, over 250 athletes, together with Olympic champs, had left the nation since 1990, the best of the world's creating nations. Do you know- In the latter half of the twentieth century, Suriname, a Dutch-speaking nation in South America, has supplied the Netherlands with some of its best footballers: Edgar Davids, Clarence Seedorf, Aron Winter, Edson Braafheid, Stanley Menzo, and Jimmy Floyd Hosselbaink. The Nicaragua national soccer group is the national team of Nicaragua and is controlled by the Nicaraguan Soccer Federation. Did you know- The Salvadoran squad took the gold medal in the Central American and Caribbean Games in Mexico Metropolis.