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garcinia cambogia apple cider vinegar so I take it in the morning so I take it at different times in a day and honestly yeah I feel like it is like doing something to me like nah I know I'm not shitting like 30 pounds in a day but I honestly I feel like it's doing something to me because y'all okay like you know when you hungry and your stomach growling or whatever like if I do not eat my stomach hurt to the point where like I feel sick like if I don't eat I'll get a headache I feel sick it really like it's like my insides it's like really like I don't know like it's like they be like going into each other like eat are you telling me to eat you know I it's just crazy like I don't know and it says like taking a piss pose to give you like more energy make you like your metabolism fasting I honestly I don't know I don't eat three meals a day so that's already my first problem