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Úplná verze: Secrets to Successful Fasting - Five Keys to Make Your Fast Work
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In their own mind, they are going to be FloraSpring Review  the "textbook dieter" for this particular weight loss plan, and they may well be, for a short while, anyhow. It will not be long, you can be sure, before something (or someone) causes them to move away from their plan just one time. At once the whole idea is ruined in their view and the diet is over. In the end, they go shopping for their established unhealthy groceries, and pile on the pounds they lost, only in half the time.

If this sounds familiar, you need to seriously ask yourself - am I committed to getting weight off for good, or am I going into this halfheartedly? If you want to steer clear of this mistake, aim for balanced weight loss, not hurried. Slowly, but surely, introduce healthy foods, replacing much less healthy meals with comparable, but less damaging ones The next most common mistake (extremely similar to the previous one) is to see your diet as being a period of favorite-food-sacrifice. Totally barring your preferred foods while on your way to your weight loss target can backfire on you though. 

You could have a grand diet plan and be very successful in getting off weight, but what happens when you arrive at your objective weight? As a result of you not weaning yourself off the less wholesome (but more tasty?) foods, you are much less likely to be able to control yourself once you try some again (and, let's face it, it's liable to happen...). It is much better to keep a little of your preferred food (though in much smaller volumes!) in your diet plan, than to entirely forget them. And yes, that does include chocolate!