What time is it okay to stop using iron arrows.
I'm trying to make OSRS GP range my main combat skill (getting fight levels from range level). At the moment I have four levels of range to attain combat level. I was also going to try Dragon Slayer to become a fighter once more. However, my combat levels are slipping due to my hitpoints continuing to go upwards. There is a solution.

What time is it okay to stop using iron arrows. I own 44 range. I also use a shorter, iron arrows. My "buddies" advise that I should use steel-addy even though I own a lot of iron and steel. Additionally, I am unable to fly ironarrows right now.

My grandfather once informed me... I would not fire long-range shots. Utilizing a rapid, or even precise, method is probably more effective. Rapid is what I prefer. Dragon slayer, it's entirely up to you. Would you think about returning to being mainly warrior? Hitpoints are considered a weapon thing. I thought it was a "nuetral" meaning that it does not mean "warrior", "range" or "mage".

The iron arrows are something I am not sure about. It is all dependent on the amount of cash you've got. Right now, I would suggest getting your fletching level up, so you don't have to depend on purchasing your arrows. I guess you could switch to at least steel at around 50-60? I'm 70 years old and still have steel arrows. I don’t believe addy or mithril arrows are a necessity.

I would also suggest doing the 'Animal Magnetism' quest which gives you an item that is a backpack which will collect steel arrows when you're at 50 yards. However, you should wait until your range reaches 50 to do the quest. The quest isn't too difficult since you're already in a position to obtain iron arrows. The backpack simply takes arrows while you move around.

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