Sinus Infection and Ringing in the Ears
If you suffer from this condition regularly Tinnitus 911 Review  it would be worth investing some money in a humidifier for use in your home. There are personal ones available that you can purchase from outlets locally or online. These help to ensure that the levels of moisture within the sinuses remain high and so ensure that the mucous that develops in them can drain away. When you suffer form an infection of the sinuses and which causes you to develop Tinnitus then flushing them out several times each day would be recommended. You can either use a nasal spray you purchase from your local drug store, or make your own at home. 

To make such a solution requires you to mix 1 teaspoon of salt and pinch of baking soda with 300ml of warm water. It is vital that when suffering from any medical condition relating to the sinuses that you drink plenty of clear fluids. You don't need to limit yourself just to drinking water but certain herbal teas can help to alleviate the symptom of sinus ringing ears as well. Look for those herbal drinks made from fenugreek, anise or sage. 

All of which contain properties that help to prevent the mucous in the sinuses becoming thick. Using massage can help to provide relief to sufferers of sinus ringing ears. Both of these will increase the flow of blood to the sinuses which means more of the nutrients that the body needs to function properly are being received. Also it is worth considering applying a heat pack or a warm face cloth to the nose as this will again help to loosen up the mucous in the nasal passages and increase the level of blood flowing through them.

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