Relax and wear yoga clothes
Hello everyone, today I recommend two yoga clothes for everyone. These yoga clothes are very soft and will not make your skin feel sensitive. And you can print any pattern you want on it. Come and give it a try.

1.custom yoga pants

Our shop is the best life in custom yoga pants! Browse our extensive clipart library to find your graphics or upload your own logo. Custom yoga pants are perfect for your dance studio or sports team. Super soft, elastic, and close-fitting. Good moisture absorption and exhaust. Fashion design: high waist design, wide waist belt controlled by the belly, comfortable and safe. Show the perfect figure. These bright and vibrant colors with ornate and ethnic prints of harem pants that can be easily mixed and matched with your whole wardrobe. They are very comfortable and look great with fitted t-shirts and sandals (flat or heeled). 

[Obrázek: 4090bf96769095c6d14e200d88611541.jpg]

2.customized yoga pants shorts with your patterns or name

Sporty yoga shorts. The breathable organic cotton is opaque and elastic. Our cool shorts are also ideal for dynamic sports such as running, workout, barre and Pilates. The yoga pant is cool street style for the whole day, as well as the perfect yoga pant on the mat. Close-fitting, elastic, moisture-wicking, breathable and opaque, these yoga pants will keep you cool and clean. High waist design, elastic waistband on the belly, comfortable and safe. The unique line design shows perfect contours. The padded crotch ensures freedom of movement and a more comfortable wearing experience.

[Obrázek: kurzeHose1_1.jpg]

More details:
custom box design
custom card design

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