Juicing to Boost Your Health
Protein should be included in every snack  GRS Ultra Review and meal because it breaks down much more slowly than other nutrients and keeps the blood sugar level more even. Protein bars, shakes and other supplements are perfect to use and should be small enough to toss into a backpack. (Parents should note that in some schools, the policy is to treat protein supplements and similar items as medications meaning that your child will have to adhere to the policy set by the school district). 

There are three reasons that children with ADHD should avoid high sugar foods: 1) it will actually exacerbate the hypoglycemic related symptoms and 2) they will edge out the healthier foods that the child actually needs in their diet 3) it may trigger behavioral problems. When high sugar foods are eaten, insulin is rushed out to deal with the overload. Instead of burning food for energy, the body uses up its energy to store the sugar as fat leaving you tired and cranky- and probably hungrier than you were before you ate the snack. 

A protein bar, shake or a liquid protein supplement is a better snack idea than a piece of cake or a soda because it does not spike the sugar and will not bring on the symptoms that tend to cause problems. It will also allow you to feel fuller for longer because the protein will take longer to digest. If the child has an option between a healthy bowl of steel cut oatmeal and a sprinkle of cinnamon in the morning or a bowl of sugar frosted candy flakes, which do you suppose he will take? 


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