Is the cloth coming to The Burning Crusade?
There are many hot topics surrounding WOW classic TBC gold, and what we must do to prepare for it. This time period is about understanding our alternatives and preparing for what is next.

Consider any other variables, as well. Please give an example. How will you like it? How does the next expansion look? No clear answers can be found.

Think Mooncloth The issue of stockpiling has gained traction lately. While agreement exists, let's re-examine the Mooncloth issue.

[Obrázek: 512x512bb.jpg]

It is mooncloth.

tailoring is for mooncloth The pattern will make Mooncloth for you.

TBC Mooncloth?

Should you sell your stockpiles of Mooncloth or save them for the next expansion? TBC necessitates mooncloth.

Avoid keeping it ahead of time. Cooldowns will no longer be an issue, as one might imagine. Netherweave bags, alternatively, are popularly said to be used for making WoW Classic backpacks.

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