How Many People Die From Heart Disease Each Year?
As you know, cardiovascular disease Cardio Clear 7 Reviews   is actually a wide, broad family of diseases, an entire category of ailments and conditions. There are many forms of disease of the heart, but the most common, and the most deadly, is coronary disease. The most serious issue with coronary disease is that, for the billions of dollars spent on surgeries, on equipment and on treatment every year, the majority of it goes to waste. Treatment for the disease almost always involves heavily invasive, major surgery. There is little in the way of heart surgery that can be conducted without a ten inch incision.

Technology is advancing and we may soon see the day when major surgery can be conducted with a tiny incision and telescopic and laser based tools. However, as of present, the fact remains that the treatment for the disease can be as harmful, if not sometimes more so, than the disease itself. Certainly, as many people die during surgery as from heart failure. If you want the exact numbers, it's estimated that somewhere around one million people die from coronary heart disease every single year.

Many believe that coronary disease primarily effects men. While it's true that most of the victims are men, the statistics are not too much different between genders. For men, fifty percent of all deaths are linked to heart failure, while for women, thirty three percent or thereabouts. In other words, neither men nor women are off the hook, so to speak, when it comes to coronary disease.

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