High temperature aging test chamber
High temperature aging test chamber

Will there be radiation in the long-term use of the high temperature aging test chamber? When it comes to safety and health issues, it is normal for users to have this concern. The high temperature aging test chamber contains no radiation source! The design of the high temperature aging test chamber conforms to the national standard, and there is no obvious The source of radiation, it can be ignored, similar to a refrigerator, I believe that every family has it, so we don't need to worry about the high temperature aging test chamber of radiation.
Basically all walks of life need to use high-temperature aging test boxes, such as: electrical appliances, electronic products, auto parts and their parts and other materials in the high-temperature, low-temperature integrated environment transportation and use adaptability test.

With the widespread use of electronic products, radiation issues have gradually become a topic of concern to us. We believe that radiation can kill cells in the body and have a certain impact on our health. Even some users worry about whether this kind of radiation will appear when buying a high-temperature aging test box, but it is not true.
When we use the high temperature aging test box, we should choose a regular brand, so that the upper and lower limits of the temperature can be set before the test. Once this temperature is exceeded, it will automatically stop and turn on the protection function to avoid the severe impact of the harsh environment on the sample. Of course, before testing, you should also check whether the sample contains flammable and explosive substances or substances that may cause strong corrosion. 

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