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The Republic of Poland or simply Poland is located in Central Europe and is part of the European Union. Although the creation of the Polish state dates back to 966, Poland regained its independence and began its path to a developed economy in 1989. Poland is the eighth largest economy and is considered one of the fastest growing countries in the EU. it also has the leading school system in Europe. Poland provides its citizens with free university education, a universal health care system and state-funded social security. He is also a member of the Schengen Area, NATO, OECD and UN.

Poland is considered one of the most successful countries in the transition period from communism to a market economy. The return to democracy has been accompanied by economic liberalization, the privatization of small and medium-sized state-owned companies, and the rapid growth of the private sector. Poland is a leading producer and exporter of apple concentrate, as well as one of the leading producers of cabbage, berries and carrots. In addition to agriculture, Poland's main industries are coal mining, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, glass, iron and steel, as well as food and beverage and textiles.

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