Best Hair Replacement Plastic Surgeon - How to Find Them on the Internet
Medically, losing your hair is called alopecia. The Hair Revital X Review  common cause of female hair loss like Androgenic Alopecia and as a result of medical and other special conditions. Normally, the hair grows back since the follicles are still... 'alive... ' if proper care is taken. So, there is nothing to worry about. Too much testosterone in females affects the growing phase of the hair cycle, causing some of the hair follicles to be permanently dead.

There are some women who may have more of these male hormones compared to others. Hence, these women may suffer from this type of alopecia. Normally, it affects women who are over 40 years in age. Such cases tend to happen when women are over 40 years old, or face premenopause stage. During the premenopause, women generally undergo hormonal and body structural changes. But, the true main cause of female hair loss could be medical problems according to recent research. 

It was found that polycystic ovary syndrome in women could be a major culprit. A balanced diet plays a role in hair thinning and loss as well. An overdose of Vitamin A or lack of essential vitamins like Vitamin B Complex, C and D could also be the cause of female hair loss. Even lack of minerals like iron and iodine or protein may cause you to lose hair. Since keratin is made up mainly of protein, it is understandable that protein is vital for hair growth.

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