Úplná verze: Season review: Jose Mourinho’s first year at Manchester United
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[Obrázek: 687906446-ajax-v-manchester-united-uefa-...=850&h=560]Taking a break from the rumors of silly season, I am now grading the performance of each unit from this past season. I will start with the man on the bench, first year manager Jose Mourinho.

Coming into this season there were very high expectations for Mourinho and United. I realize that is somewhat redundant as there always are, but arguably they were higher this year than at any time post Sir Alex Ferguson. A sixth place finish in the SBOBET  league is disappointing, but overall United took a step in the right direction. How big of a step is debatable though.

United won three different trophies in their first year under the “Special One”; starting with the Community Shield (not a huge deal but it still counts). Later they won the League Cup for the first time since 2010 and the Europa League to get back into next season’s Champions League.